Dusty port city in the Southern Kingdoms. Sigh is built into the coastal mountainside – and the city is organized into districts based on their height up the cliffs. The city is home to slums, warehouses, and docks with shady shipping operations at its lowest level by the water. Moving upwards it houses the temple district, noble houses, and Fort Whitetower. The city is governed by the council of six – made up of merchant kings and traders. It also stations a large regiment of Imperial troops at Fort Whitetower under Commander LeGarde.

Notable Places in Sigh:

The Crow’s Nest
Tavern in the dockside slums. Home to Cherry, one of the dirtiest whores in all Crotonia, and favorite of Kalboo. The Crow’s Nest is also frequented by the smuggler called One-Eyed Rip.

Smuggler’s Safe
Gambling Den deeper in the slums, frequented by pirate captains and and anyone with coin to spare who doesn’t mind the occasional stabbing. Headquarters of The Hands of Jack – a organized smuggling ring. The bar is operated by the ‘Twins’ Lana and Hana, a Half-Orc and Halfling respectively.

Market Square
Major dockside marketplace – any manner of trading goods can be found here, though the city watch and Imperials have begun keeping a much closer eye on the goods moving in and out. Here can also be found the Blacksmith and Armory run by Harstun Gray.

The Glass Carriage
Upscale restaurant in the noble quarter – frequented by the city’s elite.

The Blue Rose
Apothecary in the noble quarter. Home to a secret Moonlight Resistance headquarters in Sigh.

God’s Stair
A Switchback road up the cliffside between the market and the upper levels of the city – home to the temples of various gods.

White Tower
Castle turned Imperial Fort at the highest level of the City, just south of the Eastern Gate.

Notable People in Sigh:

A dirty whore.

One-Eyed Rip
A smuggler with past business dealings with Kalboo and Captain Jarx.

Harstun Gray
The Blacksmith.

Lady Allison Gray
His wife – who seems to be having an illicit affair with the Commander of the Imperial guard in Sigh, as Kalboo and Therion discovered after an accidental impersonation incident resulting in an eventful dinner at the Glass Carriage.

Commander LeGarde
In command of the imperial troops at Fort Whitetower. The Imperials currently have the port of Sigh under lockdown – with no ships able to leave – after discovering a large shipment of illegal weapons and the illicit drug known as ’Serpent’s Salt’.

Captain Raoul
Captain of the Drowned Princess, and smuggling rival of Jarx and the crew of the Kraken’s Bastard. The rivalry is about as friendly as a smuggling rivalry can get, but that’s still not very friendly…

Chancellor Titus Ramonde
Merchant lord and member of the council of six. A powerful man in Sigh said to have amassed his great wealth so quickly by always keeping a hand deep in some of shadier criminal operations of the city.

Mister Chalk
Leader of The Maul – a group of killers and thieves who strong-arm smuggling operations and collect ‘taxes’ via threats. They have also been known to commit kidnappings, murders, sink ships, blackmail and extortion. Chalk himself is a shady figure whose true identity is largely unknown but to his closest lieutenants.

Leader of the Moonlight Resistance in Sigh – headquartered in the Blue Rose. The Moonlight Resistance is deeply interested in breaking the lockdown of the port.

Lysander & Tuck
Two bare-knuckle boxers – worshippers of Kord.

Crispin Carter
Warehouse owner involved in many smuggling operations. He’s made enemies with the Maul over evading tribute payments. Kalboo and Therion were at his warehouse the night a Maul ‘tax collection’ envoy attempted to burn the place down.

Father Connolly
Halfing priest of Avandra with connections to the Moonlight Resistance.

Lord Azor
A Dragonborn noble on the council of six – who bears a striking resemblance to Therion.


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