• Amelia


    Leader of the Moonlight Resistance in Sigh
  • Byron Stonefist

    Byron Stonefist

    Blacksmith freed from shackles below the decks of the White Whale
  • Captain Jarx

    Captain Jarx

    Smuggler and Captain of the Kracken's Bastard
  • Chancellor Titus Ramonde

    Chancellor Titus Ramonde

    Merchant lord and member of the council of six. A powerful man in Sigh said to have amassed his great wealth so quickly by always keeping a hand deep in some of shadier criminal operations of the city.
  • Cherry


    Tavern whore of the Crow's Nest. Favorite of Kalboo Tattersail.
  • Commander LeGarde

    Commander LeGarde

    In command of the imperial troops at Fort Whitetower.
  • Crispin Carter

    Crispin Carter

    Warehouse owner involved in many smuggling operations in Sigh.
  • Fang


    Violent Dragonborn freed from shackles below the decks of the White Whale.
  • Father Connolly

    Father Connolly

    Halfing priest of Avandra with connections to the Moonlight Resistance.
  • Harstun Gray

    Harstun Gray

    Head Blacksmith in the city of Sigh.
  • Lady Allison Gray

    Lady Allison Gray

    Harstun Gray's wife – who seems to be having an illicit affair with the Commander of the Imperial guard in Sigh.
  • Lord Azor

    Lord Azor

    A Dragonborn noble on the council of six – who bears a striking resemblance to Therion.
  • Mister Chalk

    Mister Chalk

    Leader of The Maul
  • One-Eyed Rip

    One-Eyed Rip

    Smuggler in the city of Sigh.
  • Raul


    Rival Smuggler based in the city of Sigh
  • Silva


    1st mate to Captain Jarx on the Kracken's Bastard